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identity crisis

By : May 15, 2021 Comments Off
permanent identity crisis choose your own adventure book  but i can’t pass for white but i can’t pass for black  sophie’s choice i’ve never seen sophie’s choice but i
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Telling Our Stories

By : April 30, 2021 01 Comment
At the beginning of COVID, I started writing fanfiction. Before this, I never pictured myself as someone who would be interested in creative writing. I wrote essays for school,
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a bubble of silence

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a bubble of silence sometimes being alone makes sense, i’m alone with my thoughts and my feelings and my discomfort. nothing really make sense these days, the world is
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Sunday Morning

By : April 16, 2021 Comments Off
Original Publication: Winter - 20207372 - Sinister Wisdom 115 - Lesbian Learning I’m going to ask her to be my girlfriend, Abby thinks to herself as she looks through