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By : May 15, 2021 Comments Off
Throughout my life, I have found it difficult to understand how queer people have found ways to reconcile Christianity with their identity. This is something that I struggled with
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The Toxicity of Racism

By : June 24, 2020 Comments Off
Racism is the opinion that certain groups of people have distinctive social attributes relating to physical appearance or tendencies and can be partitioned dependent on the predominance of one
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Pride Was a Riot

By : June 8, 2020 01 Comment
As Spring gives way to Summer, we enter the gayest month of the year, June, Pride Month. Like many LGBT people, I look forward to Pride all year, which
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Growing Up Black

By : June 8, 2020 Comments Off
For the past several days I’ve been receiving emails from different groups condemning the murder of George Floyd. Like many of you, I’m angry, I’m frustrated, I’m exhausted. But
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The Evolution of Homosexuality in India

By : June 3, 2020 Comments Off
Homosexuality in India has been a subject of heavy discussion, ever since the beginning of time. Ancient Hindu texts have taken various other positions regarding homosexual characters and themes.