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Thanksgiving Hate Mail

By : November 29, 2020 01 Comment
On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up feeling relaxed, refreshed and determined to knock out some work before celebrating one of my favorite ( albeit subdued because of the pandemic)
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LGBTQ Youth and Mental Health

By : September 3, 2020 Comments Off
A lot of LGBTQ people experience uncomfortability at the doctor's office or hospital. I know for myself it was difficult to have conversations with medical professionals. The questions they
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Freedom for All or Freedom for None

By : August 2, 2020 Comments Off
I have rigorously studied the LGBTQ movement in this country, and unfortunately, it tends to be white washed, or patriarchal in the way our history is portrayed. It is
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Pride Was a Riot

By : June 8, 2020 01 Comment
As Spring gives way to Summer, we enter the gayest month of the year, June, Pride Month. Like many LGBT people, I look forward to Pride all year, which
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Growing Up Black

By : June 8, 2020 Comments Off
For the past several days I’ve been receiving emails from different groups condemning the murder of George Floyd. Like many of you, I’m angry, I’m frustrated, I’m exhausted. But