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being angry at the universe is like being angry at the wind for raining  I can’t help but think of how you would love the Marvin Gaye stamps we
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My Story So Far…

By : July 16, 2021 Comments Off
This is about a series of checkpoints that I have had the pleasure and the great confusion to pass through on my journey so far. Now, I don’t really
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I Found My Home On Tumblr

By : February 7, 2021 Comments Off
Sixth grade. It was in sixth grade when I finally figured out why I felt different. As a kid, I was either labeled a tomboy or people blamed my
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Not Always Thicker Than Water

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If you’re anything at all like me, you might view the concept of family as one, big, nebulous, complicated substance of nonsense and multifaceted anxieties.  Hearing through the grapevine
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Despite having not spoken to her in months, my mother had found out about my engagement. I remember not even being surprised. My family  collectively has a big mouth,
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Cutting Ties

By : October 12, 2020 Comments Off
I miss my mom when I eat angel hair pasta or hear Martina McBride playing. I miss her when my friends talk about spending time with their moms. I