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A Letter to the Aces

By : December 9, 2020 Comments Off
From one ace to another, here are a few things that I want to tell you:  Asexuality is a real orientation, no matter what anyone else says. People who
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Thanksgiving Hate Mail

By : November 29, 2020 01 Comment
On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up feeling relaxed, refreshed and determined to knock out some work before celebrating one of my favorite ( albeit subdued because of the pandemic)
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Navigating Professional Settings as a Nonbinary Person

By : August 19, 2020 Comments Off
Navigating Professional Settings as a Non-Binary/Trans* Person Coming out as non-binary or trans* can be uncomfortable in straight, cis-normative settings - especially the workplace. At work, we may not
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Navigating LGBT+ Representation in Media

By : July 18, 2020 Comments Off
There’s no doubt that good LGBT+ representation, in basically any form of media, is still hard to come by nowadays. Being part of the community, I tend to cling