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12 Cities in 12 Months

By : February 23, 2021 Comments Off
I think it's safe to say that 2020 was a shit show. That said, for me, 2019 was far worse.    The first half of the year centered around rebuilding my life after ending my engagement and walking away from a five-year relationship while I juggled keeping MyUmbrella afloat. By May, I was emotionally tapped out, and yet I bullishly press forwarded in typical Angie fashion. I suppose that after years of bullishly pressing forward, my body finally had enough. The second half of the year, I found myself couch-ridden - if you will - after I woke up one day in excruciating pain and barely able to walk. That led to months and months of doctors appointments, test after test, and every type of pain medication that didn't help until
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My Mother: A Haunting

By : September 9, 2020 Comments Off
my mother is all silk skin and broken knuckles. when i was younger, i would count the wrinkles on her fingers and the lines across her palm. i wanted to know why she had more lines than i did. i never figured it out. my mother is all soft rain and wet grass. her hair hangs to the base of her neck and her smile stretches to the left more than to the right. i think mine stretches more to the right. my mother doesn’t like things out of order. every nail polish, every empty shoe box, every ripped open envelope has its place.  even people had a place. she taught me the importance of silence, the value behind a closed door and i had practiced so much that even
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