Who we are

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore.”

That was it. That was the note. It was 2005 and I’d decided my life wasn’t worth living. I was tired of being depressed, afraid to live in my truth and most of all feeling that no one would ever accept me or love me. I was alone in the bathroom with a bottle of sleeping pills and cried.

As I laid on the floor I slowly working up the courage to take the pills, the faintest of thoughts crossed my mind that said, “I’m too tired. I can do this tomorrow. Life will still suck.” 

This is my story.

MyUmbrella is my attempt to give everyone else, what I wish I had. A sense of community. A sense of belonging. A place where there were people who had been through similar things and I could learn from.

Angie, MyUmbrella Founder

MyUmbrella was started to provide a space to celebrate and promote the various stories and journeys that exist in our community. A safe space to bond through lessons learned and resources to show that we’re not alone as we often feel. Quite frankly, it’s something that our team could’ve benefitted from growing up.

Who Our Writers Are
 Our writers reflect the true diversity that exists with the LGBTQIA+ community:

Our Values