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Coming Out at Work

By : November 21, 2020 Comments Off
Revealing your identity to coworkers, supervisors, or clients can be intimidating. However, coming out at work can improve work performance and drive success. For transgender or non-binary people, coming out may not be optional, but necessary. Yet for others, coming out at work may not be possible for personal or professional reasons. According to the Harvard Business Review, people who are completely out and open about their sexuality at work are more satisfied and enthusiastic about their jobs. On the other hand, those who are not out at work can face increases in social stress and depression. If you are considering coming out, check out Glassdoor’s workplace guide for LGBTQ professionals along with the steps below to help you get through the process. Know the Company Before choosing to come
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Want a Job? Be Gayer!

By : September 9, 2020 Comments Off
Want a Job? Be Gayer! We all know that the American job economy is trying to claw its way out of the unemployment dip. Many people (including myself) are on the lookout for a return to reality, and a steady paycheck. In general, LGBTQ+ people tend to face higher unemployment rates. But this past June, the U.S. Supreme Court's decision decided that businesses cannot terminate an employee’s position based on their sexual or gender identity. So I think, as a result, it’s now going to be the new woke-trend for a company to hire LGBTQ+ people. Organizations will be looking for more Queer approval than Bud Light when they came out with a rainbow bottle and a hard seltzer.  Straight people: you want that job? Sorry, but being yourself is
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Navigating Professional Settings as a Nonbinary Person

By : August 19, 2020 Comments Off
Navigating Professional Settings as a Non-Binary/Trans* Person Coming out as non-binary or trans* can be uncomfortable in straight, cis-normative settings - especially the workplace. At work, we may not feel we can speak up when we are uncomfortable, defend ourselves from inappropriate comments, or express ourselves in the same way would if we were off the clock. We may not have LGBTQ+ colleagues or friends at work who can relate to our experiences or allies we can turn to for support when we need help. We may fear potential consequences of coming out such as discrimination, harassment, or disciplinary action. Coming out has been an important and deeply personal part of my journey to live an authentic and meaningful life, and when I share this aspect of my identity with
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