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By : October 4, 2020 Comments Off
In a world of red and blue, I am purple.  It's confusing to other people, yes, but it's probably even more confusing to me.  People on the outside get the simple answers— "I am nonbinary,"  "I am genderfluid,"  "I'm just me."  I, on the inside, have to deal with all of the thoughts and feelings surrounding that. There are days when I am purple, sure. But there are days when I am colored magenta or indigo, red or blue, and on confusing days I'm a tye-dye of hues.  On even more confusing days I feel gray overtake my being. The days when I am red I question if my previous days or weeks or months were even real.  “Am I faking it?” “Is purple even a real color?” “What does
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