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Pronouns: The Power of Words

By : September 10, 2021 Comments Off
While some answer in haste, others have to stop and think about the magnitude of what is being asked. For some it is a simple tag; however, for others,
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Growing up LGBTQ+ in a Small Town

By : May 11, 2021 Comments Off
When people think of small towns, I think a lot of the time they imagine some cute little place with a welcoming community where everyone gets along and loves
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I Found My Home On Tumblr

By : February 7, 2021 Comments Off
Sixth grade. It was in sixth grade when I finally figured out why I felt different. As a kid, I was either labeled a tomboy or people blamed my
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Gender-Affirming Clothing

By : January 16, 2021 Comments Off
If you identify as non-binary or transgender and you are seeking to update your wardrobe, where do you shop? There are a variety of places to buy gender-affirming clothing
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Not Always Thicker Than Water

By : January 4, 2021 Comments Off
If you’re anything at all like me, you might view the concept of family as one, big, nebulous, complicated substance of nonsense and multifaceted anxieties.  Hearing through the grapevine
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On The Journey Toward A More Authentic Me

By : August 2, 2020 Comments Off
It’s a different, new kind of day,My life is changing.I am transforming.Both are packed in the same suitcase,Waiting.Struggling.Hoping.What will the future be in all it’s infinite possibilitiesAs we’re about