Gender-Affirming Clothing

Hopefully you get a chance to check out some of these apparel companies!

If you identify as non-binary or transgender and you are seeking to update your wardrobe, where do you shop? There are a variety of places to buy gender-affirming clothing online. Gender-fluid fashion is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many apparel companies to choose from. Several clothing businesses now cater directly to transgender, non-binary, and gender-fluid individuals. Here are a few great companies where you can buy gender-affirming clothing.

Rebirth Garments

If you are a fan of color, you will want to check out Rebirth Garments! The company designs and produces gender non-conforming clothes for non-binary, trans, and disabled queers. One notable product of 2020 is their clear mask, designed to improve communication for Deaf and Hard of Hearing folx during the pandemic. The items are designed by a nonbinary, queer, and disabled resident of Chicago.

Origami Customs

Origami Customs is a Canadian line of swimwear and lingerie for all genders. The creator specializes in making gender-affirming products. Origami Customs offers a wide variety of products including bodysuits, bras, garters, and binders. Additionally, any item can be ordered in a custom size and individually patterned, ensuring a perfect fit. Origami Customs is also eco-friendly, making all garments out of sustainable fabrics or pre-made sources to reduce ecological impact.

Pyramid Seven

Queer underwear companies are few and far between, and Pyramid Seven is particularly unique. The company was named one of the 30 innovations that made 2017 a better place. Based out of Chicago, Pyramid Seven creates boxer-briefs designed for people who menstruate. As they state on their website, the company was created based on the premise that people who menstruate may identify anywhere on the gender spectrum.

Play Out

Play Out is an apparel company offering gender-inclusive athleisure and underwear. According to the website, the brand was founded on inclusion and diversity, and all genders, pronouns, and people are welcome. The founder and CEO launched Play Out in 2014, and it was the first gender-equal underwear brand to show at Lingerie Fashion Week.


Founded in 2012, Otherwild is not only a store but it is also a workshop and gathering space. The space is in L.A.; however, it is currently closed due to the pandemic. As an online retail store, Otherwild sells tops, jumpsuits, dresses, undergarments, and swimwear. The founder recently launched a new, androgynous swimwear and jumpsuit brand called Hirsuit.

Automatic Gold

If you are looking for gender-inclusive jewelry, check out Automatic Gold. All pieces are made from reclaimed and recycled materials for all genders, and pieces are also size-inclusive. For example, traditional ring sizes only go to a size nine, but Automatic Gold offers rings up to a size 16. The company is a queer and trans owned business. One of their unique designs is a pair of stud earrings that says “they” and “them”.

Hopefully you get a chance to check out some of these apparel companies! 

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