LGBTQ Books of 2020

Like many others, you have probably spent a substantial amount of time indoors this year.  The avid reader may have gotten their hands on a few great novels. Are you looking for some inspiration for what to read next? Find below a list of ten LGBTQ books that were released in 2020.

 Tomboyland by Melissa Faliveno

Tomboyland is Melissa Faliveno’s debut essay collection. It features stories about her hometown of southwestern Wisconsin, and it also explores her sexual orientation and gender identity. In her novel she writes about grappling with gender identity and her gender expression growing up in the Midwest.  

A World Between by Emily Hashimoto

Hashimoto’s debut novel, A World Between, explores the relationship of a queer biracial Asian Jewish college student with one of her classmates. Spending a heated semester together, the couple then separates. After six years apart, the two surreptitiously cross paths again and continue to delve into the complexities of their relationship.  

You Exist Too Much by Zaina Arafat

Arafat’s You Exist Too Much is about a queer Palestinian-American. Through a series of affairs, the novel tells the story of a woman throughout different periods of her life. She spends time in New York City, Italy, Egypt, and Lebanon, and has a story about a love interest in each location.

Real Life by Brandon Taylor

Real Life is a coming-of-age story about a Black biochemistry grad student. The novel explores the challenges facing young queer people of color, and the character’s experience attending a predominantly white graduate school.

Homie by Danez Smith

If you are a fan of poetry you won’t want to miss Danez Smith’s newest collection of poems, Homie. Smith’s collection of poetry celebrates Black love. Danez also has a unique writing style, using distinctive and creative form.

Fairest: A Memoir by Meredith Talusan

This memoir explores the unique experience of a boy who was born with albinism and grew up in a rural village in the Philippines. Throughout the novel, the character describes immigrating to America and going through a gender transition.

The Death of Vivek Ojiby by Akwaeke Emezi

This novel opens with a gender-nonconforming teenager growing up in Nigeria. Throughout the story Emezi delves into the life of the young teen, his family, and his community.

Daylight by Roya Marsh

Daylight is another wonderful poetry book from 2020. In Marsh’s debut collection, we are introduced to the importance of representation for Black queer butch women.

Wow, No Thank You by Samantha Irby

If you love to laugh, you won’t want to miss anything written by Samantha Irby. Her most recent essay collection delves into topics such as Instagram wellness gurus, Crohn’s disease, and life as a Black queer femme.

All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson

All Boys Aren’t Blue is a young adult memoir about Johnson’s youth. Specifically, it describes coming of age as a Black queer nonbinary person in New Jersey and Virginia. This is a read for people of all ages. 

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