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My Story So Far…

By : July 16, 2021 Comments Off
This is about a series of checkpoints that I have had the pleasure and the great confusion to pass through on my journey so far. Now, I don’t really
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Gender-Affirming Clothing

By : January 16, 2021 Comments Off
If you identify as non-binary or transgender and you are seeking to update your wardrobe, where do you shop? There are a variety of places to buy gender-affirming clothing
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Navigating Professional Settings as a Nonbinary Person

By : August 19, 2020 Comments Off
Navigating Professional Settings as a Non-Binary/Trans* Person Coming out as non-binary or trans* can be uncomfortable in straight, cis-normative settings - especially the workplace. At work, we may not
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I am Non-Binary.

By : May 25, 2020 Comments Off
This is the deepest and most personal thing I’ve ever written. I am non-binary. It’s important for me to say it that way because this isn’t something that I’ve