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Dating During Lockdown

By : May 19, 2020 Comments Off
The good, the bad and the ugly  Does dating during lockdown exist? It does, it just exists in a more condensed version of regular dating. There’s very little meeting up, and very little swiping because of the lack of ability to meet up. In my personal experience I was able to meet one girl online, on Bumble, and it’s been great. We talk about the lockdown, and coronavirus because what else is there to talk about nowadays? We were curious about asking people what their experiences are like during the lockdown. So, we asked a few people about their dating habits during lockdown. Sophie, 20, Guelph, CanadaBisexual Woman  Okcupid  Have you gone on a date during lockdown?  “I haven’t been on a date since the lockdown started.”  How has your dating
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