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Growing up LGBTQ+ in a Small Town

By : May 11, 2021 Comments Off
When people think of small towns, I think a lot of the time they imagine some cute little place with a welcoming community where everyone gets along and loves
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What No One Told Me About Coming Out

By : December 3, 2020 Comments Off
My dad used to always tell me, “Everyone is the first person to discover fire, at least in their own world.”  For most of my life, I largely brushed
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Hello World

By : November 26, 2020 Comments Off
Hello to everyone out there in this massive, amazing, crazy, and concerningly overcomplicated world.  I am a transgender woman. That's fun to say. I'm a trans woman! I am
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Passing with Pride

By : June 13, 2020 Comments Off
Pride as a concept has always been a little complicated for me. Growing up, I was super closeted - turns out getting consistently called “gay” as a pejorative for
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What Cracked My Egg

By : May 19, 2020 Comments Off
Have you ever thought you were someone and then turns out you’re someone else entirely? That’s what happened to me. I thought I was a cis-may-not-be-totally-hetero man for a