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Sunday Morning

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Original Publication: Winter - 20207372 - Sinister Wisdom 115 - Lesbian Learning I’m going to ask her to be my girlfriend, Abby thinks to herself as she looks through
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Homosexuality Is Not a Sin

By : March 16, 2021 Comments Off
One of the biggest debates in society is whether or not homosexuality is a sin. Religious fanatics tote their Bibles and doggedly contend that LGBTQ+  people are destined for
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Sunset Secret

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My sun sets inside, tangerine clouds smile with white teeth. The sun, pink  tongue at its peak. Orange galaxy reflected on the creek. Don’t ask me to take down
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Stop 1: Mischief in Mexico

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My 2021 adventure is officially off to the races! In case you missed the prelude, I will be traveling to 12 Cities in 12 months throughout the year. My
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12 Cities in 12 Months

By : February 23, 2021 Comments Off
I think it's safe to say that 2020 was a shit show. That said, for me, 2019 was far worse.    The first half of the year centered around rebuilding