Homosexuality Is Not a Sin

The idea of a demonic possession contends that evil is abounding inside of LGBTQ+ members and that they are all bestial, hedonistic, and lascivious miscreants who are devoid of morals, values, common decency.

One of the biggest debates in society is whether or not homosexuality is a sin. Religious fanatics tote their Bibles and doggedly contend that LGBTQ+  people are destined for hell; whereas the LGBTQ+ community disagrees and maintains that one is born with his or her orientation, irrespective of religion. In the African-American community, the church is sacred and the Bible is the law.  As a result, homosexuality is rebuked and condemned. On the extreme end, there is a pervading belief within the African-American community that homosexuality is a demonic spirit, which can be exercised. The idea of a demonic possession contends that evil is abounding inside of LGBTQ+  members and that they are all bestial, hedonistic, and lascivious miscreants who are devoid of morals, values, common decency.

These notions are fallacies, as  LGBTQ+ relationships are identical to heterosexual relationships. LGBTQ+ couples experience the same triumphs and hardships that heterosexual couples experience. The phrase  “same-sex, same problems”  is a famous societal mantra that contends that the problems within homosexual and heterosexual relationships are the same.  

Is homosexuality a sin? To answer this question, I had to examine my own life. Within the African-American community, it is customary to attend church every Sunday morning and every Wednesday night. As a child, my household upheld that custom. I grew up on the west side of Chicago in a modest apartment under the care of a very pious mother. As an adult, I continued to embrace spirituality and attended Sunday worship. I dated men all my life and was very attracted to them. However, I realized that I was also attracted to women. I struggled for some time and prayed about it. I begged God that if what I felt was not of him, to take it from me. He did not. Instead, he filled my heart with peace in knowing that I am as he made me.

When I think of my relationships with women, I think of pain, laughter, friendship,  peace, turmoil, the urgency of paying bills, cooking, crying, and, most importantly, love. These are the very things that heterosexual relationships encompass. This love wasn’t between any bestial, hedonistic, or lascivious miscreants who were devoid of morals, values, and common decency.

Some time ago, I was in a relationship with a woman who fell ill. She was in abiding pain, so I decided to take her to the emergency room on public transpiration, as we could not afford the exorbitant cost of an ambulance or a simple taxi. At dawn, I washed her, dressed her, combed her hair, and packed a few things. When all was done, we began our journey to the hospital’s emergency room. Normally, to avoid the stern, disapproving stares or possible harassment, we used to hide our relationship when out and about by not holding hands, hiding our held hands under bags or jackets, or avoiding any little thing that could make our relationship obvious. However, on the day of her illness, I did not care what people thought of us.  

When we were on the bus, she was moaning in pain, so I put her head on my chest and rubbed her shoulder. A man saw this, walked over, yelled, screamed, rebuked, and condemned our relationship. In time, we got off of that bus and inevitably made our way to the emergency room, where she was treated for her illness. In time,  she was fine. I often think of that day because something extraordinary occurred. As the man stood before us, yelling,  screaming, rebuking, and condemning our relationship,  we were cloaked in peace, love, and protection, as God was with us, guiding our way and keeping us safe. He never left our side. I know many will say that as LGBTQ+ members, we are sinners and God was simply extending mercy to sinners. It was not that at all, for he has always cloaked me in peace, love, and protection. I am very blessed and have been so for as long as I can remember. God is with me. I can say with absolute certitude that homosexuality is not a sin because God is with me and has always been. God is alive, yet so many fight over scripture as if he is not.  

Very often, some religious or spiritual LGBTQ+ members live tortured lives because they are told by so many that who they are is an abomination to God. Some believe and embrace this notion. In doing so, they live life in despair. This should not be so, because God is love. If you are a religious or spiritual person who is struggling with your sexual orientation, forgo the religious anti-homosexuality dogma and take it to God. Take it to him and he will guide you through the storm and help you find your way. 

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