No Yoga Tomorrow

As I cross the threshold, it’s like stepping into another world. A soft glow reminiscent of candle light fills the space.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. My life has been all about morning yoga, green smoothies, and my cat. Tonight, I don’t know what got into me, but here I am. 

It’s a moody blues bar. Low lights, the smell of whiskey in the air, and that music. I let the vibe wash over me. 

“I’ll get a bourbon neat.” I tell the bartender and turn to watch the musicians, lost in their craft. They are as unaware of the audience as the audience is of them… they’re just part of the walls, the foundation of this intoxicating vibe. 

I sit back and sip my bourbon. The light is almost too dim, but it creates a sense of security that you just can’t get from the early morning sun. Relaxation settles in.

The musicians take a break and I am left to watch the other patrons. There is a group of old men in the corner smoking cigars and laughing about old times. Couples scattered about, lost in each other’s eyes. A man approaches me, and I wave him off before he says a word. I am not here for conversation. Just a few drinks, and… why am I here?

I refresh my drink as the band is getting ready to start the next set. The music begins and I turn back around. In that instant – she walks in. The light from the street creates a glow around her frame. This. Her. She is why I’m here. 

I can’t help but watch her cross the room. I’m mesmerized. She sees me watching, but I don’t look away. Her hand brushes down my arm as she sits next to me at the bar. 

“Two of what she’s having” is her order. With just a look, we raise our glasses together and turn our attention to the band. The electricity in the air is palpable. My yoga is coming in handy. By focusing on my breath, I get back into a zen place. Not nervous, not overthinking… I am here. Here with her, for wherever this night goes.

I sink back into the vibe and we just sit, feeling the music and the warmth of the bourbon. A couple of hours pass, and she looks at me. With a nod, we settle our bills and head for the door. I take one last deep breath of bluesy air as I grab her hand and follow her into the night.

There is no hesitation in her step, we cross the street. The air is cool and still. No wind, no words. We turn and walk a couple of more blocks. Now my arm is wrapped around hers and we are walking quick. She digs a key out of her pocket as we enter a door and climb a set of dark, carpeted steps. Three doors are on the landing. She pulls me toward “3” and unlocks the door. 

As I cross the threshold, it’s like stepping into another world. A soft glow reminiscent of candle light fills the space. She takes my purse and sets it down without breaking eye contact. I kick off my shoes and touch her face.

She pulls out her phone and with a tap, deep pulsating music spills from a speaker I can’t see. Throwing the phone, she beckons me deeper into the space. I take a few steps and press my body against her back. She turns and removes my top. Another doorway, it’s dark in here. I feel her hand in mine. Guiding me. 

My heart is racing and my mind is protesting, “You have never spoken a word to this woman, what are you doing? You have yoga in the morning!” Breathe… my body pushes back. “Trust me,” it says. 

I hear the strike of a match in the dark. She lights a single candle on the bedside table. It’s just enough to illuminate her face and that sly smile as she pulls off her dress. Another deep breath. The smell of the match reaches my senses, and my mind quiets. I drink her in. Watching every move as she turns down the bed and climbs in. 

My bra drops and pants are stripped to the floor. I am on top of her. She lays still while I nuzzle her neck and bask in her scent. Her shoulders glow and I am moved to caress every inch of her. Chillbumps quickly cover her skin. As I brush my fingertips down her abdomen, she shudders. I avoid the obvious and move directly to her thighs. Soft touches, light scratches with my nails all the way to her toes and back up again. She is breathing heavy, it’s intoxicating. Unrestrained in my haze, I grab her knees and pull them apart and up, into the air. 

She lets out a gasp. Soft lapping turns to sucking while heavy breathing turns to moaning. Her hips begin to rock, but I am not ready to be done with this. I replace my mouth with my palm and ground her back into this moment. She sits and guides my face closer. Looking into my eyes, she kisses me hard.

I’m pushed backward and lay sprawled under her beauty. She kisses my collarbone, bites my neck, and grabs a handful of hair. An assertive pull and I know she is still in charge of this night. I surrender further.

Light from the candle flickers as she sits back and looks at me. I feel like she is looking into every cell. Soon her hands follow her gaze. With a soft firmness she explores every curve. I writhe under her touch as the electricity between our skin heightens. My eyes are closed, and I let out a whimper. A finger pressed to my lips, lips pressed to my neck. She removes herself from me and I keep my eyes closed. Anticipation builds… What is she doing?

I feel her presence next to me and feel a hand running up my thigh. I am dripping. It is almost embarrassing how wet I am for this. I open my legs and let her in. 

A sudden touch. Her fingers are both inside me and outside of me. Pulses of pressure. Soft – firm – soft – firm. I open my eyes and see her watching my face, a beaming smile as she removes her hand from me. Glistening, her fingers encircle… oh. A strap on… but where is the strap? – Oh! Yes.

She presses her breasts against me as she maneuvers her cock, already covered in my wetness, between my legs. My body is burning for it.

With a quick thrust, she penetrates me and I gasp. I pull her to me as we move. Rocking, perfectly timed. More. Harder. I wrap my legs around her body as she feels my need and obliges. 

She’s moaning, panting, fucking me hard. Her moans push me over the edge and I cascade into the deepest orgasm of my life. Losing sense of space, she is here with me. In this spacelessness. Stillness falls over us and she lies on my chest. 

Her breathing slows, softens. I kiss her forehead and we sleep. 

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