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Gratitude Lingers

By : March 1, 2021 Comments Off
I always wake up early. It doesn't matter what transpired in the night, I'm up with the sun if not before while she is a heavy sleeper. An average
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Airport Pick-Up

By : January 14, 2021 Comments Off
I’m exhausted. Traveling for work can be fun, but really… it’s just long hours and shitty sleep. My return flight is landing and I can already smell my lady’s
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No Yoga Tomorrow

By : December 23, 2020 Comments Off
It's been a long time since I’ve been here. My life has been all about morning yoga, green smoothies, and my cat. Tonight, I don't know what got into
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4 o’clock on a Saturday

By : December 14, 2020 Comments Off
Awake, and it's that weird time... is it Friday night? Saturday morning? I'm unsure. In this moment between day and night, I hear your soft breath. Your stillness and
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It’s Okay to Not Know

By : November 21, 2020 Comments Off
I grew up in the midwest with zero open queer folk around, which led to me having to figure out where I fall on the spectrum of human sexuality