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Common Misconceptions About Ace People

By : January 7, 2021 Comments Off
Asexuality can be defined as having a lack of sexual attraction. As this community is small, there are many misconceptions and stereotypes. Let’s a look at these myths and
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Asexual Representation in Media

By : December 21, 2020 Comments Off
Asexuality is not a well-known and accepted identity, and as a result, we are very underrepresented in the media. Even with the small amount of representation that there is,
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A Letter to the Aces

By : December 9, 2020 Comments Off
From one ace to another, here are a few things that I want to tell you:  Asexuality is a real orientation, no matter what anyone else says. People who
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Asexual in a Hypersexual World

By : December 3, 2020 Comments Off
Realizing that you are asexual is a strange experience, especially as the world is incredibly hypersexualized.  I was 18 when I discovered asexuality. I had just graduated from a