This poem was previously included in the anthology Modern Queer Poets published by Pilot Press, London.

I’m trying to sift between

something tangible

and something imperceptible

something like

that slightly wet and malleable sand that’s best for making sandcastles

blue Play-Doh

rubber cement

cream sauce that’s been in the fridge overnight


gel medium

cottage cheese

or that mixture of glue, flour, and water for papier-mâché that’s too thick

to work properly

Something like him mansplaining the non-existent friendzone to you

while you’re sitting on his face for the second time tonight,

and the third time in as many days

something like her messaging you on Facebook to break up with you when she has 

your phone number

or trying to decide if you should hold his hand or wait for her to hold yours

is it too early to call her?

3 on the Kinsey scale

sophomore summer

sheer clothing

2nd Presidential year

or when your phone is at 50% and your charger is ripping apart

Perhaps it’s something like falling asleep on the way home

or highway hypnosis

the blinds that come with your house


frosted glass

a sheet of ice on your windshield

tie breaker

sudden death

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