Fell In Love With My Thick Best Friend!

I've been contemplating breaking it off for a while, plus he hangs around a few dudes that I know bully Darren for being plus sized.

Ok so me an Darren been friends since 10th grade, he’s always been there for me, sat next to me when I alone at the table, and he’s just so cool an amazing! We have so much in common but lately……I been feenin for him. But the thing is, I had a boyfriend. I been texting back an forth with Mike for a minute an yeah….he fine 

But sometimes I do feel like he’s not 100% like whenever I wanna hold hands in public he’s not down with that, or tell him bout my love for Taylor Swift an Tamar Braxton he won’t let me play it in the car, he says he don’t like that “girly music”….BUT LOOK HOW FINE HE IS! I been contemplating breaking it off for a while, plus he hangs around a few dudes that I know bully Darren for being plus sized. Calling him ugly an stuff, fat ass, a black blimp just all types of stuff. Sometimes I see it on Darren’s face how it emotionally hurts him. One night I was over at Darren’s house an we watching movies, playing xbox, and he was hungry so he wanted to go to Wendy’s. He had to change shirts first an he took it off……I was in shock THIS BOY WAS SO THICK, MY GODDD! LOOKING LIKE A BIG CHOCOLATE PUBLIX CAKE….

We go to Wendy’s an we’re eating, every lil thing Darren does they way he chews, his laugh, the way he leans back in his car, it all was turning me on and I felt kinda awkward, THIS IS MY FRIEND! I don’t wanna ruin it by being a hoe, but idk I just feel different. We outside Wendy’s we was talking an then Mike pulled up, out of all the restaurants he chose this one WHY! I texted Mike earlier sayin I wasn’t in the mood to be with him today..then he saw me laughing an enjoying myself with Darren an he put two an two together, Mike was kinda mad…


“Bro calm down we just eating,” Darren Said

“Your fat ass probably ate half the restaurant (laughs)”

“Mike that’s not nice….”


“Mike look, it’s bout time I said it, ITS OVER! You inconsiderate an mean as hell to my best friend who embraces me way more than you! No more texting me sorry because I know you not! I don’t even want you lookin at me!

“Cmon baby you don’t mean that, where was all this self righteous shit when you was suckin my dick behind the CVS….” Mike Shouted

“Mike, you need to go,” Said Darren as he stepped to Mike

“Aye Michelin man You ain’t bout that life, besides Aaron wants a real man…”

“I already got one..” I said as I WRAPPED MY ARMS AROUND DARREN

“So it’s like that, Biggie a downgrade he ain’t even got a car he got a bus pass…”

“DRIVING YOUR SISTERS CAMRY AINT YO OWN CAR! So take yo DL always listening to Nba youngboy fake ass on somewhere!”

Mike left an then me an Darren went back to his place, but I knew he was caught off guard when I put my arms him..

“When you put your arms around me, do you like me?”

“I do….Darren I didn’t want to say anything cuz I don’t wanna ruin our freinds-


“AARON YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I WANTED TO THAT! I was kinda jealous seeing you with Mike an yeah he got abs an tats, probably a big dick but just watching how restrictive he was an hearing you wish he was more open an understanding, IM OPEN! I UNDERSTAND YOU I EMBRACE YOU”

“I don’t care bout abs, I just want you….” I said

Then Darren takes off his shirt and I’m like mesmerized by all his thickness, I softly rub on his belly an he liked that shit! Then he made perfect eye contact an Darren kissed me good, I don’t think Mike could ever kiss me like that! Then it started to rain, so in that room just us two we cuddled together. Me layin my head on his belly while he softly rubbed my head, then i said…..

“I love you Darren”

“I love you too….”

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