For late night texts, dancing in the streets;
Staying home from work, playing in the sheets.
Holding me when I cried, wiping tears from my eyes;
For loving my heart, being there when she died.
Thanks, Babe.

Leaving work late, “hey babe,
can you wait?”
A long day turned to a long night.
Red flags flying in my face, 
As you scream and cry.
Thanks, Babe.

For late night fights, screaming in the streets;
Never doing the work, playing with my feelings.
Holding me hostage, demanding all of my time;
For loving my hurt, thriving when I died.
Thanks, Babe.

Leaving work in the cold, “hey you,
where’d you go?”
A long night turned to the last fight.
Tears running down my face,
As I give you one last ride.
Thanks, Babe.

For freeing my heart, now I can breathe;
Escaped your hell, don’t ever pray for me.
Held me back from myself, now I can see the light;
For leaving me alone, living for this high.
Thanks, Babe.

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Nic Ryan (contributor)

Nic (they/any) is a hairstylist at Bishops and lives in Portland, Oregon where they love to hike, spend time with friends, and enjoy the positive energy of others. Born and raised in the Bay Area until 12 years-old Nic was whisked away to rural Central Florida for the next twelve years. They explored a plethora of degree options ranging from culinary arts, business, music, healthcare, and finally cosmetology. They currently co-parent two children that live in Florida with their mother who make up their entire heart. Nic’s altar is always full of rose quartz to help promote the unconditional love of self and others. You can find them on Instagram @thenicryan or @lehairlabo for all things hair-related.

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