Thanks, Babe

For freeing my heart, now I can breathe; Escaped your hell, don’t ever pray for me.

For late night texts, dancing in the streets;
Staying home from work, playing in the sheets.
Holding me when I cried, wiping tears from my eyes;
For loving my heart, being there when she died.
Thanks, Babe.

Leaving work late, “hey babe,
can you wait?”
A long day turned to a long night.
Red flags flying in my face, 
As you scream and cry.
Thanks, Babe.

For late night fights, screaming in the streets;
Never doing the work, playing with my feelings.
Holding me hostage, demanding all of my time;
For loving my hurt, thriving when I died.
Thanks, Babe.

Leaving work in the cold, “hey you,
where’d you go?”
A long night turned to the last fight.
Tears running down my face,
As I give you one last ride.
Thanks, Babe.

For freeing my heart, now I can breathe;
Escaped your hell, don’t ever pray for me.
Held me back from myself, now I can see the light;
For leaving me alone, living for this high.
Thanks, Babe.

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