how do we set the stage?

lately it’s been tough to, what do they call it?

“find the words” 

but right now it’s not that they’re lost 

but I don’t know where they are

buried treasure?

does x actually mark the spot

or is it a plus sign

I will reiterate that I have always been bad at math 

maybe why will answer the question instead

but for that I have no answers

perhaps we can figure it out together

let me turn down my music

I’m not sure how to type sounds

where should we start?

promise you won’t get off before I’m done




how do we set the stage?

okay, okay, I’m ready now. 

I have the words. 

I have the words, but they’re stuck.

they’re churning, swirling in my stomach

seared, disintegrated before I’ve had the chance to choke on them

or maybe they’re trapped in my feet

too grounded for me to write,

I would rather write my words into the air

and make you feel like you’re floating

or maybe they’re stretched to the max from walking miles and miles every weekend to 



have enough money to pay all the bills 


I understand that bodies break down

I understand how bodies break down, somewhat

I don’t think I will ever understand why 

the words aren’t lodged in my larynx,

I’ve got medicine for that.

let me ask a question

are you picturing the word “word” physically stuck in my body?

are the letters colorful and drawn in block letter style?

or is there a specific word or set of words that come to mind?

can you help me finish this piece.

should I reset the scene?

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