Above the Flames

600 degrees or even hotter

When I turned 18,

my dad gave me a pack of matches for my birthday

as well as metal poles for holding marshmallows

this was during my 


cooking everything on a grill,

s’mores every night of the week” phase

I’ve never told you this before

I didn’t learn how to light a match until then.

always been afraid of burning

perhaps I was a witch in the past life I don’t believe in 

have you ever stuck your finger in the candle wax after you’ve blown it out?

I can’t afford to go to the spa

somehow I still have fingerprints

to leave on your dark purple walls

that frame your face as you tell me you’re colorblind

600 degrees or even hotter

I can tell you’re salty by the way you fuck me

pretend like you won’t remember me in the morning 

I left my shirt there by accident

I swear

I’ve never told you this before

but I’ve never been able to answer if I’d rather freeze to death

or burn to death

I’ve never been fond of answering hypothetical questions

only asking them

when we’re done

are you going to ask me to leave

or tell me to stay

When I turned 28,

I bought myself a stick lighter

efficiency over cost

perhaps I’ll give you one when you turn 38—

unless you’ve burned everything down by then




something, something, something

print this on a shirt

we were all witches once

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