The new social networking app for the LGBTQ+ community.
Connect with each other. Respect each other. Protect each other.

About Us

MyUmbrella is a safe platform the LGBTQ+ community to connect and share stories about navigating the journey of living openly and authentically in their relationships, families and friendships.

We ensure an inclusive environment for members across the spectrum by hosting events, workshops and fostering community through mentorship on a larger scale than any other social networking platform currently available.

MyUmbrella App Screen


We built an app that reflects our values.

The app is about you, not us. We’re committed to delivering a product that users want.
All sexualities, identities and ethnicities are welcome. This is a judgment free zone.
Whether you’re out and proud or in the closet, we love you just the same.
No Swipes.
Because we’re not a dating app.
No Likes.
Because its not a popularity contest.
No Pressure.
Just be you. No need to wear a mask.

Why Now?

Wondering why this platform is needed?
Check out these findings from leading researchers.

expect every day life will be worse for LGBT+ people in US post election
expect it to become harder to be “out” at work.
agree that it will become necessary for workplace inclusion policies
agree with the election result is a good thing for the LGBT+ community

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What's your Story?

“I wish the wider LGBT community understood that being queer and a minority is really hard and has it’s own struggles being a double minority where we don’t feel that we have the types of resources or ability to feel accepted in multiple aspects."

​ – Anonymous submission