Mood Rings

But how do you write a poem about her without it being a love poem?

I said I was going to write more about how her eyes are like mood rings
Eyes like mood rings and I’m the only one who can decode them
Blue when she’s calm, happy, content
Green when she’s calm, happy, content
Shit, that’s not right

I’d have to ask…but still,
Sometimes they’re hazel
Other times blue like the raffle ticket scrunched up in my pocket from the county fair

Looking to see what NFL players kneel
I wonder if the networks are going to stop panning on the players if they kneel
You see, when you live in a predominately military area and you’re watching a game on TV at a bar, at the end of the national anthem, some people clap…
Uh, you’re not at the game, nor did you stand up so SIR, PLEASE SIT THE FUCK DOWN.

Anyway, her eyes
I didn’t want this to be a love poem
But how do you write a poem about her without it being a love poem?

Moonbeams traveling through my bedroom window
As if to tell me I’m not going to sleep tonight
My eyes are brown when I’m tired
When I want a cheeseburger 

Brown, brown, brown, always brown

Her eyes are blue when she can’t think of anything to be unhappy about
And green when the cashier gets my order wrong after repeating it three times clearly
Blue when she looks at me
Green when she speaks to her father and mother

Blue when she is driving us to the beach
And green when she is driving us to her grandma’s funeral
Her eyes are green when she is driving me crazy
And blue when she is driving me crazy
Just kidding, she doesn’t really drive me crazy at all, I just thought it would be something relatable to appeal to the masses

Blue like
Green like
Hazel like
Gold flecks around her pupil

And I don’t mean those mood rings you get from the 25 cent kiosk at the entrance to the grocery store
(No offense, we all have them)
One of those mood rings that you get from that gift shop on the corner your mom always likes to go to every year when you’re at the beach
The one that actually comes with the key, small, fits in your right front jean pocket
The one that doesn’t turn your finger green like the one your ex-girlfriend gave you for Valentine’s Day in high school
No, this was a high-quality mood ring.
Even came in a little grey box, velvet, and the top came off.

I never needed a key.

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