LGBTQ+ Safe Travel: Planning Guide

Before jetting off on your next exciting adventure, you’ll want to read this LGBTQ+ inclusive guide for smart and safe travel.

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The Pride Pocket Team is committed to helping you live your best life, all over the world. For us, that all begins with ensuring that you have access to all the tools you’ll need to travel safely and securely. It is important to build a plan and do your research on local customs and sentiments, inclusive accommodations, and safe and exciting activities

In our ‘safety-first’ guide, you’ll find the following information and more: 

  • What is the prevailing sentiment about LGBTQ+ people?
  • Should I take any regionally specific safety precautions?
  • What are the best ways to travel to my destination?
  • Where can I stay when I arrive?
  • What activities are inclusive/safe?
  • Any tips from queer travelers?

These guidelines will serve you well in your planning efforts, too.

Start by researching the culture of the place you’re visiting; local sensibilities may be far different from what you’re accustomed to. Knowing the lay of the land can help keep you safe.

Check out this helpful guide of LGBTQ rights by country, and this list of best and worst countries for queer people compiled by The Guardian. You may also want to consult travel sites like this one, which covers the best countries for ‘gay travel’.

Once you’ve chosen a destination, make sure to do in-depth research into the cultural beliefs, dominating sentiments, and local taboos regarding LGBTQ individuals and general behavior for couples and travelers. Something as small as holding hands can be dangerous in the wrong environment, while in other places, you need not spare a second thought for PDA.

Ok. You’ve chosen a destination and you know your stuff. Let’s discuss logistics.

There are certain airlines and hotel groups that are well known for their inclusive spirit and policies. Begin by perusing the following options to kick start the booking phase of your trip:

Great Value LGBTQ Vacations 

Expedia.com LGBTQ Travel 

Trip Ideas from Travel + Leisure 

22 Companies to Explore for LGBTQ Travel

All Inclusive LGBTQ Resorts

You’re also going to want to have some information about local activities– nightlife, natural features, tours, and sightseeing opportunities– that will provide a safe and judgment-free environment for fun and relaxation.

This may come up in your searches about local culture, but if they don’t, make sure to consult with any booking agent you’re working with through your credit card, a travel agency, or vacation broker. If you’re planning your trip on your own, look for sources from experienced LGBTQ travelers familiar with the area, or consult the recommendations of trusted online outlets.

You can also start with some of these resources;


Now get out there and enjoy the world!

Additional Reading + Resources



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