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Joe Biden is a Communist

By : December 14, 2020 Comments Off
She said. End quote. I don’t enjoy conversations with my mother. It’s generally because of reasons like this. At least on this side of the looking glass, I believe her views are idiosyncratic with that of a chimpanzee. I do realize that is quite harsh and perhaps mean-spirited. Do I find myself a more enlightened individual, because I listened devotedly to NPR (shoutout to Meghna Chakrabarti: if you’re reading this, I love you) and make at the bare minimum an effort to research topics beyond my current scope of understanding? Yas kween, I sure do. We got on the topic of politics. Again. I don’t actually want to fight with her. I don’t enjoy arguing, especially with a less informed opponent. A debate on equal footing is another case. But
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