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The Moving Story of India’s First Gay Athlete

By : June 8, 2020 Comments Off
Dutee Chand – the name that defies all stereotypes. A trailblazer athlete, this ace Indian sprinter has been scripting history in the international sports scene since 2012. Known as the golden girl of India, her remarkable tale of triumph and glory inspires the new generation of sportspersons. Lauded for her professional achievements globally, her home truths have been the centre of undue attention. Humiliated and slammed for her personal “choices”, India’s first openly gay sportsperson, Chand’s life has always been under a microscope. This is her story of coming out in a rather conservative society where being gay is a subject of ridicule and mockery. Early on in her career, Chand fell victim to “Hyperandrogenism”, a clinical condition subjecting her to controversies and ostracization. Her body produced higher levels of
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