August 23, Brewery

He had gotten her flowers that day, just because

I thought you should know that I cut my nails this morning.

I woke up earlier than she did,

Restless, senseless waste of sleep

Removed the nail polish you’d put on more than a month ago

I know it’s not good to leave it on for that long

But it’s also not good to smoke so many cigarettes

Drink so much alcohol, caffeine

Sit with your wallet in your back pocket

Time to change your clothes

And finally get rid of that cardigan you’ve had since middle school

Striped, but only on the sleeves, horizontal, around the elbows


The guy next to me is circling things in the newspaper

Jobs or apartments or things for sale or car advertisements or funny comics or interesting

articles or crossword puzzle answers or maybe perhaps a secret code because he’s in the FBI

I’d rather think that than he’s homeless and searching for work

His wife left him and he sunk into a deep depression fueled by alcoholism

He hasn’t recovered, might never

She was all he had

He left with the rain drenched clothes he was wearing when he caught her with the neighbor

After he came home early from his job cleaning gutters

He had gotten her flowers that day, just because

Dropped them outside their bedroom when he saw her feet up in the air

Still there

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