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They say alcohol is a depressant, but I think people can be too. I think toxic love is a drug that can make the nervous system ache. The only
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Cinderella’s Handmaid

By : February 17, 2022 Comments Off
We always tell on ourselves. I looked a little too long when she wore that tight silver dress that flowed down to the floor. I sounded a little too
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Wandering Soul

By : April 24, 2021 Comments Off
I have a wandering soul. Or merely a single breath of soul that comes and goes. Winds whisk it away like a wish flower’s whispers. She taught me love
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The blues come and go like summer showers. They roll down my nose and into the tissue below. And the reds fade in and out. Girls with cheeks burning
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Lightning Strike

By : February 14, 2021 Comments Off
“I’m gonna fall in love with you so fast,” she said, her eyes locked on mine. I could feel her heartbeat against my own. She was wrong, she never
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Hateful Heart

By : February 7, 2021 Comments Off
Some people love with hatred in their hearts. When we associate passion with fire, we forget that all flames burn. Pull your fingertips away quickly, but they’re already singed.