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Hopefully some of these podcasts help pass the time during quarantine!

If you have been stuck at home for most of COVID, you might be looking for some new activities to pass the time and listening to podcasts is a great way to entertain yourself and learn something new. When it comes to podcasts, we are spoiled for choice. In the U.S. alone, there are more than thirty million podcast episodes. Here is a list of just a few LGBTQ podcasts you can add to your listening queue.


The LGBTQ&A podcast is an interview podcast created in 2016. It features weekly interviews with members of the LGBTQ community. The podcast gives people a chance to get to know each guest and their accomplishments. Past guests of interest include Pete Buttigieg, Laverne Cox, and Lili Reinhart. Theirweekly episodes make for a great way to learn about queer authors, actors, politicians, musicians, and more. As the podcast reminds the audience on their website, the most interesting people in the world are queer.

Making Gay History

With a whopping 8 seasons, Making Gay History has been creating podcasts since 2016. It is also sponsored by GLSEN. The podcast was created to highlight stories of the LGBTQ civil rights movement. The founder and host, Eric Marcus, created the podcast using archives of interviews he previously conducted when writing his books. Some of the archival interviews feature Marsha P. Johnson, an American gay liberation activits and drag queen, and Bayard Rustin, an American civil rights leader. It is one of the most fascinating oral history projects and popular episodes include first-person accounts of the Stonewall uprising.  

Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal is a podcast that tells stories of trans and nonbinary people. It is published every Monday, and every episode is transcribed and can be downloaded as a word document. The podcast highlights personal narrativesof trans and nonbinary people, while also being educational. The first episodes explore terminology to educate listeners about the nonbinary and trans communities. The host, Tuck Woodstock, is a journalist and audio producer who has been featured as a gender educator in The New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, and other publications. The podcast is on the sixth season, and thus far, has featured over60 guests.

AfroQueer Podcast

Afro Queer is a podcast about queer Africans living in Africa and in the diaspora. The host is a journalist,producer, and founder of a digital media organization that documents stories of LGBT Africans. Episodes explore a variety of topics including African coming-out stories, a gay pride parade hosted in Uganda, and the complexities of using Grindr in Africa.

Latinos Who Lunch

Latinos who Lunch is a queer podcast for the Latinx community. It is hosted by an art historian and artist who discuss art, race, gender, pop culture, and politics from a Queer and Latinx perspective. Topics they explore include the politics of Frida Kahlo, the Selena Netflix series, and the host’s favorite Latinx drag queens.

Queer Sex Ed

Queer Sex Ed is a podcast that aims to discuss queer safe sex and relationships. The host is a sexual health professional, and not only offers a podcast but also provides trainings and workshops to educate people about queer sexual health. On their website, they highlight the significance of the podcast including queer people in sexual health conversations. Often, sex ed excludes the LGBTQ community, and this podcast aims to normalize their inclusion in sex education.

Queer America

As Queer America aptly points out, “without LGBTQ history, there is no American history.” This is a great podcast for history lovers, and it aims to educate people about the diverse history of the LGBTQ community in the United States. The podcast was created in partnership with Teaching Tolerance, which is an organization created to help teachers and students learn in a diverse classroom. Teaching Tolerance provides free resources to educators to supplement school curriculums. Podcast episodes of interest include how to incorporate LGBTQ history in the classroom, the AIDS epidemic, and queer characters in film. 

Hopefully some of these podcasts help pass the time during quarantine! 

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