I Found Love in a Hopeless Place

You pulled away from me. You were different.


Swipe Left.

Nope. Next.

Swipe Left.

Hmmm…she’s interesting, a med student, here for a month.

Swipe Right.

It was a shot in the dark. The invisible first move with ‘no strings attached’ that is online dating. Soon, I had a new match. It was you.

From our first conversation, communication was effortless. Easy. It felt like I knew you. Our first date was the same. Easy. A dream. Football. Beer. BBQ. And you.

For the month of January, it was nothing but laughs, fun, food, and sex. On the 31st, you were gone. We both knew the deal going in. We both made the most of our time together. I promised to visit once you received your residency placement and we vowed to keep in touch.

To be honest, I was surprised that we did. Across the pond you went. Time differences be damned, we still spoke every day. 

A month back home for you turned into several as the pandemic came into full swing and everyone’s world was rocked. 

A promise is a promise and five months after our first date, I came to visit. A sex trip. A business trip if you will.

A business trip it wasn’t. A trip that had one objective turned into something more. The things we learned about each other during the shutdowns combined with our natural chemistry revealed something deeper between us.

Home I returned, enamored and elated. Our connection continued to build and I visited again. The anxiety we both felt of “what if it’s not like it was before” dissipated the moment I was back in your arms. No longer casual, we made it official. No longer casting our connection as a non-factor.

But something happened…

What? I don’t know. You pulled away from me. You were different. Could it have been the label? Could there be someone else? Or was it just fear?

I always thought Tinder was the hopeless place but perhaps it was your heart.

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