Cuddling In The Rain (Gay Love Story)

You know at first I was mad about the rain, but It was sooo peaceful. No music or whatever just me and bae in each other's presence, it was like a close intimate moment that I really really missed.

I went over to see my boyfriend Jai, he drives a truck and we’re in this long distance relationship thing and after a month of texting and FaceTime sex we finally get a chance to see each other! We had so much planned, Jai wanted to take me out to this nice restaurant and we go for a walk on the river and then come home and touch an kiss each other’s bodies, that burning desire which I been holding in for months! When he opened the door he gave me the biggest hug….like he wouldn’t let go! I didn’t want to either, his big arms around my waist, with one of his hands grabbing my ass…

“Baby, damn I missed you!” He said 

“I missed you too, (kissing) I see you grew a lil beard,” 

“You like that huh?” 

“Hell yeah!”

“Baby we gotta go, I’m taking you out to Maggiano!”

“Oooh you goin all out!”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen you in 3 months, I want us to do something nice before I go back again!

We went inside cause I had to use the bathroom, and babe was just sitting on the couch, I forgot how sexy he was in person! I was putting on some chapstick when suddenly I heard it just a loud thunder….and then this hard pouring rain. I went to over to Jai in his room and we looked at the weather, more even stronger rain was coming and even some wind! Since Jai didn’t feel like drivin out in the rain we decided to cut the TV off and cuddle on his bed. Oh my god, how I miss laying next to this man, since we was all comfy, Jai took his shirt off and…..dayumm is all I can say! 

“You like what you see huh….” Jai said as he saw me smilin like a child wit a teddy bear 

“(Giggling) yess I do, I miss touching all over your chest, smelling your cologne, talking softly to you, play wit your beard, kissin on your neck….”

He likes it when I do that…..he told me I had a sexy voice and when I talk in his ear he gets excited! It’s like even the non sexual things attracted him and I had the same energy with his beard and his soft ass skin. You know at first I was mad about the rain, but It was sooo peaceful. No music or whatever just me and bae in each other’s presence, it was like a close intimate moment that I really really missed! We ain’t gotta have sex all the time, like I just wanna lay up under his arms all fall asleep to peaceful rain, his hands ruining thru my hair and kissing my forehead. Bae let me rest for awhile on his bed, and when I woke up I smelled some food, and I went into the kitchen and (gasp) he had this lil dinner set up, with a dim light and some jazz music, 

“Awwwe babe, this is so nice! An you got me chicken tenders an fries yess!

“(Laughing) yeah it’s still raining so I decided to get Uber eats an I bought some wine the other day when I came back to town, so I thought I get creative! Yeah I know it’s not Monte Cristo steakhouse….but at least we wont have to tip! 

“Tonite I’ll give you a tip…..”  I told him hinting at my nasty ass 

Jai then open the blinds, so we can see the rain which was ascetically pleasing. Then as I washing the plates he snuck up from behind me and those arms around me waist again….he then played this one particular song I liked!

“Can I have this dance……”

Then he took me into his arms and I wrapped my hands around his neck, and we danced in the kitchen, damn it felt soooo good! I’m the luckiest guy in the world, when I think about his job and how he has like two weeks off before he goes back out there, and trying to stay loyal through texts and calls. It’s hard but little moments like these in his kitchen, makes it so worth it!

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