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Normalize Trans Love!

By : September 16, 2018 Comments Off
*Note: This article was originally published on Pride Pocket prior to merging with MyUmbrella* Our friends at Loud and Queer chat about normalizing transgender love and sex. Did you know that a cisgender straight man can be attracted to a transgender woman without being gay? Watch the video and learn more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyTUFU_p3uY Check out more incredible videos on the Loud and Queer website, Youtube Channel, and Facebook Page! Did you enjoy this story? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to find out when new stories are published. [hubspot portal="4679048" id="962ea2a6-7b06-442a-90fd-58a7c8a4ecc9" type="form"] Learn how to join our Writers Cohort here. Want to continue building community? Download our iOS app.
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