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Back to the Old House

By : November 10, 2021 Comments Off
In May of 2019, I was presented with a very interesting opportunity – to move back into my childhood home as an adult, just me and my boyfriend, no
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identity crisis

By : May 15, 2021 Comments Off
permanent identity crisis choose your own adventure book  but i can’t pass for white but i can’t pass for black  sophie’s choice i’ve never seen sophie’s choice but i
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Wandering Soul

By : April 24, 2021 Comments Off
I have a wandering soul. Or merely a single breath of soul that comes and goes. Winds whisk it away like a wish flower’s whispers. She taught me love
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By : April 10, 2021 Comments Off
The blues come and go like summer showers. They roll down my nose and into the tissue below. And the reds fade in and out. Girls with cheeks burning