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On Being Transgender and Experiencing A Different Kind of Fatherhood

By : June 19, 2020 Comments Off
For the longest time, I struggled with depression and self-injury. I was afraid to talk about gender identity and sexuality as we didn’t talk about it in the communities I grew up in. To make matters worse, the slang words that were used when I was older were full of homophobia, transphobia, and stigma. I didn’t know what to do with my sexual attraction and admiring the masculine form wishing I had those masculine characteristics such as no breasts, a strong jawline, facial hair, and more to match how I felt on the inside instead of the physical female characteristics I was. Self-injury was one of my primary ways of coping with gender dysphoria. Nothing in my life ever felt stable or safe.  Gaining access to LGBTQIA+ resources and going
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