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William Burroughs Was Probably Misogynistic and Racist (But We Should Still Read His Work)

By : January 7, 2021 No Comment
The shelf of LGBTQ writers has grown over the decades; we occupy an entire section at Barnes and Nobles. Our history, which once would have been fragmented to past generations, is now a degree in universities. Doubtless, we enjoy a viewpoint which previous generations could not have: we live in a post-Pride world. We are post-Kinsey, post-Stonewall, post-Harvey Milk. We have elected LGBTQ politicians, and our rights are considered legal matters, not religious or cultural ones. We’re no longer listed in the DSM as a disorder. It’s sometimes hard to remember, in our continued quest for social justice, how far we’ve come, and how much progress has been made.  We do have a history. History is constantly being reevaluated. Therefore, if we’re to understand how past generations of queers imagined
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